"I contacted Tom Allen during the most important time for my company - the launch of Lucirmás. During the time I've worked with Tom, he has proven to be a very competent and serious professional with a great ability to confront challenges and resolve them. He shows commitment while paying attention to each detail and is always enthusiastic to discover and experiment with new strategies. When it's been necessary, he has dedicated time to broaden his knowledge to be at the forefront of new communication tools.

Personally I am very happy to have him as part of my team. He has never let me down; in fact he has exceeded my expectations. In many occasions he has known how to predict problems and plan effective solutions. Tom is an ideal collaborator, not only for his professionality, but also because he is a person which does everything with positivity and enthusiasm."


"Tom is a very dedicated professional with good knowledge in marketing techniques, social networks and effective methods to develop both design studios and projects. His consulting services were of great help in setting up the strategies and structures for starting the Jinja eco-design product brand. He has a great talent for creative writing across various languages. Even when working by distance, Tom always promptly answered my doubts and gave strong solutions.

Tom designed a range of "drink coolers" for the brand and showed great vision in conceptualization of a new product design whilst taking into consideration Jinja's visual language and techniques. Another important thing about Tom, is his ecological values in both life and work. He seeks a sustainable approach in his design work which is particularly useful and beneficial in today's day and age."

Norma Silva, Founder and Director at Jinja, Portugal.

"I have known Tom Allen for the last 5 years as a co-worker and partner. If there is anything I can say with certainty about Tom, it would be his amazing professionalism. He is always focussed and dedicated 100% in all the projects in which he is involved. The principles which Tom has are hard to find in other people nowadays; his strong knowledge not only satisfies user needs, but he always goes beyond responding, taking into consideration social, environmental and emotional needs.

I highly recommend working with Tom Allen as an experience that ensures superior results through a process full of satisfaction."

Christian Vivanco, Head of Industrial Design Department at CEDIM, Mexico.

"Recomiendo a Tom porque siempre ha cumplido su trabajo dentro del colectivo The Emotion Lab a la perfección, con responsabilidad e iniciativa, mostrando en todo momento soluciones creativas y muy eficaces. Dentro del grupo de trabajo, Tom siempre se ha adaptado a sus compañeros con flexibilidad, ya que posee una actitud abierta y asertiva que además creo que define mucho su personalidad. En mi opinión posee habilidades sociales importantísimas y mucha disposición y ganas de trabajar, ya que todo lo que hace lo hace con entusiasmo e ilusión."


"Since I met Tom Allen in the Master of Product Design in 2007 at Elisava, I realised he was a person who stood out for his design knowledge and restlessness to make things happen.

When I co-founded the design studio 3Patas along with Carla Neila and Isabel González, we hired Tom to help us create a strong digital media, communication and PR strategy. Our collaboration was a complete success with a strong impact being made in the media during the launch of our 3x3 table produced by Francesc Ros. We appeared in a large selection of international design blogs, webs, magazines and prestigious Spanish newspapers. With the ball rolling, the same product won two 2012 Delta Prizes.

His knowledge of design and social media was a great advantage for us. Each day our platforms grow, and more importantly, more potential clients discover who we are. 3Patas is no longer unknown in the design world and this is largely due to the results of Tom's effective work."

Santiago Hermosín, Co-Founder of 3Patas Design Studio, Spain